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Estate Planning

Most people think of estate planning as a chore they would rather put off and unfortunately many do until it’s too late. At the Keller Legal Group we strive to make the process not only as painless as possible, but also comprehensive so that the final results reflect your wishes and the legacy you hope to leave.

Estate planning involves three objectives: (1) to satisfy your wishes as to how you wish your assets are to be managed and distributed in the event of death; (2) to dispose of your estate in a manner that Will result in the least amount of estate taxes due at your death and if applicable at your spouse’s death; and (3) to implement an estate plan that will permit potential distributions to your children, grandchildren, and other distributes with minimal or no tax to their estates.

What You Can Expect

The estate planning process begins when we meet to discuss your personal and financial situation and concerns. With thoughtful estate planning, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in a way that will benefit them for decades to come.

The Keller Legal Group works with a wide variety of clients and when requested will work with the client's financial planner, insurance broker, and accountant.

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